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Garden Birds

Looking after our Feathered Friends.

Attracting wild birds into your garden through feeding is great fun and can be rewarding to both adults and children alike, in doing so you will be providing the necessary sources of energy for birds to be able to sustain themselves all year round, especially through the winter months when natural food sources are in scarce supply.

Being able to provide wild birds with a variety of different seeds and foods will also help you to attract more unusual species to your feeders. With the increasing demise of their natural habitats together with climate changes this means feeding birds is more important than ever.

Year-round feeding of garden birds to maintain a healthy and sustainable flock of native species is recommended by both – The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

The feeding requirements of the most popular species native to the British Isles fall into two main categories:

  • Birds that prefer softer foods and feed from the ground, like the blackbird, robin and thrush.
  • Others who predominantly feed on seeds, such as house sparrows, gold finch, and green finch.

Wild birds do have their own favorite foods and therefore supplying a variety is important to ensure the well-being of all garden visitors.


Today more and more families are keeping pet chickens as it not only guarantees a steady supply of great tasting fresh eggs, but it is also a simple and fun hobby.

Surprisingly pet chickens can be easily tamed and trained with food rewards very much like a pet dog and very soon they will come running to you if they believe there is the chance of a food treat. In time you will also be able to train them to eat out of hand and allow you to stroke them just like a pet dog or cat!

As pet chickens will spend most of their time foraging and pecking around for food they can provide very effective natural bug control for your garden. However, as they have a tenacious appetite for green stuffs many owners keep them in runs combined with a chicken house or coup where they can be kept in safety whilst roosting at night, as they can be the target of predators especially with the increase of urban foxes.

Food and Treats

At the Pet Corner we offer a range of premium quality loose and pre bagged foods and mixes suitable for year round feeding giving you a choice depending on which birds you want to attract. We stock mixes which attract a variety of ground feeding and seed eating birds, while others are single foods especially for the more discerning pallet.

Our range also includes tasty Energy Boost treats to supplement the basic diet and encourage an even bigger variety of wild birds into your garden.

There is no season throughout the year when a supply of food is not beneficial to maintaining the health of wild birds, whether it be when they are needing to keep warm and healthy through the cold winter months, or when they are nesting and raising young.

Suet and fats provide instant energy for wild birds, and at the Pet Corner we offer a range of suet’s and fats in the form of blocks, balls, pellets, and specialised feeders.

Additional treats such as mealworms, and whole sun flower heads are also stocked to compliment the staple feeds so that the visitors to your garden have good wholesome variety of feeds available to keep them healthy and energised throughout the year.

The Pet Corner also stocks a wide selection of quality feeders, bird tables, feeder stands and accessories. In fact we have everything you need to create your very own wild bird dining room in your garden.