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Food and Nutrition

Nutrition plays such an important part in your pet’s health and wellbeing, starting from Puppy through to Adult Years and Senior Life Stage. Finding the right food for your dog can often be very difficult as there are so many brands all promoting their product as the best.

From personal experience, it is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a very well-known popular brand is the best food you can give your dog only to find out that the ingredients listed are totally unsuitable and the food you are giving your dog is nothing more than cereal, meat and animal derivatives and additives, This can lead to loose stools, poor skin and coat conditions, behaviour problems, obesity and other health issues.

Buying a cheaper brand also doesn’t necessarily mean that it is cheaper for your pocket. Cheap branded foods full of cereal means you have to feed more, but Natural Premium foods contain higher levels of meat and fully digestible ingredients which mean you feed less!  

Because not one food brand suits all, we have made sure that we have a wide variety of some of the very best foods around ensuring that your dog or puppy has its nutritional needs fully met.

When it comes to Nutrition we are also proud to offer our Weight Management Service which is ideal if you have a New Puppy and are watching his/her growth or even if your pet needs to lose a little weight or gain a little weight! Our dedicated staff will monitor all of this for you and also help with feeding guidelines too.

We can provide a Personalised Weight Card whereby we record your Pets Weight, check the feeding guidelines and we will make sure that Puppy or Adult is receiving the correct nutritional requirements.

Whether you choose a complete wet food or a complete dry food, or even if you decide to go down the route of BARF feeding for your pet, we have some of the very best foods available along with full information packs and advice to help you decide which food will suit your dog best.

We are always available to discuss all of the options and give you the best advice possible in choosing the right food.

Below is a small selection of the ‘Natural, Good Quality Complete Foods’ we have in store and what they say about their product.