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Lifestyle and Play

Many owners feel that having two kittens/cats is a good option as they will be able to keep each other company but others feel that by having a single cat in the household they can give it all the time and attention it needs.

One or Two – whichever way you choose, having a devoted owner is a must  and cats will thrive well on their own or with a playmate.

There are advantages and disadvantages of having two kittens/cats in the household. Two together will enjoy playing and adventuring together and they are less likely to become bored or frustrated if you are unable to give them your full attention.

Bringing two cats together in the household is a lot easier than if you were to introduce a kitten to an already older cat.

The older cat in the household will have already established its own territory and may not always appreciate a new addition to the family particularly if they are the same sex.

If you are thinking of having a multi cat household it is important to remember that not all kittens or cats get along and the costs of keeping your kitten/cat is doubled with additional expenses of vaccinations, neutering, medical expenses and insurance along with feeding costs, toys and accessories.

Cats can spend a lot of time sleeping, 13-14 hours is about average but some can sleep for up to 20 hours!

A cosy safe place to rest is therefore very essential to your cat or kitten but some like to vary their sleeping habitat often rotating sleeping spots and placing beds in favourite spots will make your cat feel safe and secure.

Some cats can be cautious about new objects and it can take time for your cat to get used to its new bed – spraying with catnip can be a good trick or perhaps the position of the new bed may not be quite right!

At The Pet Corner  you will find a wide range of Lifestyle accessories from Beds to Igloos, Toys that are suitable for all life stages, tunnels and activity mazes along with a great selection of scratching posts to keep your cat happy and saving your furniture at the same time!

Playtime is an important time and Cats of all ages love to play.

It gives them great exercise, it fulfills their hunting instinct and can be very stimulating. Play should be short, fun and rewarding.

Kittens will need toys that they can interact with enabling them to bond with their new owners.

Fishing rods toys, tunnels and balls are great for kittens as it helps them develop and improve their cognitive and motor skills.

Adult Cats are in general a lot more confident and although they can play alone they love still to play with their owners.

An adult cats skills are much more developed so providing toys that have a higher level of activity is ideal for the Adult Cat.

Senior Cats can often need more encouragement to play but by playing with them it continues to mentally and physically offer stimulation for them and also keeps their joints active and healthy.

Catnip is very well known for its stimulating properties, it is not harmful and most cats love it.

It can obtained in its herb and sprinkled on area’s or in a spray which can last a long time.

Many Cat toys now contain catnip to act as an attractant and make play fun.