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Health and Hygiene

Here at The Pet Corner we take your Cat’s Healthcare very seriously. We can help you choose from the very best nutrition to preventing your Cat from getting flea’s, ticks and worms, we have everything you need. Our Healthcare Section is dedicated to providing you with great products to help in keeping your Cat in the best possible condition.

We have a fantastic range of Cleansing & Grooming Products, First Aid Kits, Bandages & Creams along with Supplements & Natural Herbal Remedy’s and with expert advice available we are here to help you choose the correct flea, tick or worming treatment for your Cat too.
Health & Hygiene


Please do not use a Dog treatment on your Cat as some dog treatments can be toxic to cats.

Ticks can cause discomfort and they can also transmit disease. It is important to remove a Tick correctly and as soon as possible. Using a Tick Remover Tool ensures that the Tick is removed completely and safely, if the head of the Tick is left inside then it can become infected and cause further complications.

Some pets are allergic to flea bites/saliva. This is known as FAD – Flea Allergic Dermatitis and can be very uncomfortable. If you should see flea related hair loss, inflamed skin or if your pet seems to be in discomfort then please seek Veterinary advice as soon as possible.


Cats are extremely clean animals and love to clean themselves, however, grooming your cat is not only giving a helping hand but is also an excellent way to bond with your cat and check for any irregularities such as lumps and bumps and the odd flea. It is a good idea to start grooming your cat from an early age so he/she can get used to being brushed and combed. This will prevent knots from forming and help to remove dead hair which can often cause hairballs to form.

Hairballs are caused by the cat ingesting its own fur whilst grooming which in turn becomes solidified in the stomach. There are foods which are designed to help with hairballs or you can purchase a hairball remedy but by regular grooming this will help to reduce the problem.

We have a range of grooming products available at The Pet Corner and although there are specially designed grooming tools for longhaired cats, at the very least you will need a good brush and comb.

A rubber brush will be all you need if your cat is shorthaired and for the longer coat a good Anti Anti-Shedding Brush is a great grooming aid.

When it comes to bathing, cats really aren’t great fans of getting wet! If you do need to bathe or clean your cat it may be an idea to try a dry foam shampoo or use a quality pet wipe instead.