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Like us, our cats can suffer from anxiety, fear and nervousness and many stressful situation often result in a behavioural problem which causes unnecessary upset for both owner and pet.

The sight of a pet carrier, thought of travelling to the vets can often send cats into a panic and at certain times of the year they are presented with even more frightening situations such as thunderstorms or fireworks. Even having a party at home with large amounts of people can be stressful to a cat along with the addition of a new pet or family member.

A stressful and troubled cat can show their upset and discomfort in different ways.  Vertical scratching and spraying is a common problem behaviour but can cause great upset to family members.

When it comes to fear and anxiety or nervousness, we are always available to discuss issues you may have with regards your pet and if needed we have a variety of natural and herbal treatments that can help your pet. These products are completely natural and help your pet feel calmer and happier without causing drowsiness.