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Keeping fish as pets can be really enjoyable. There are hundreds of species to choose from and the best thing about keeping fish is that anyone and everyone can do it! From fresh water goldfish, tropical tanks and also the enjoyable Outdoor Pond, fish come in many varieties and have so much enjoyment in each of their chosen environments.

With the equipment that is available today, it means that less technical knowledge is needed to run your aquarium and this then leads to you having more time in being able to enjoy them. All that is needed now is for you to choose which type of aquarium you would like and although there are 3 main categories of Aquariums to choose from, we have not included Marine Fish in this section as this can be a very specialised area to which we would advise you consult a Marine specialist as their needs are so different to that of Fresh Water or Tropical Aquariums.


Temperature Fresh Water

For beginners this is probably the best place to start. The fresh water aquarium includes goldfish which come in many different colours, sizes and shapes.

There are more than 100 different goldfish which belong to one of two types – ORDINARY which only have one tail and FANCY which have two tails.

There are some very interesting varieties such as the Shubunkin from the Ordinary Variety and Oranda, Fantail and Ryukin from the Fancy Variety.

These fish are quite hardy and you will find that they normally require less cleaning and maintenance than the Marine and Tropical varieties. The majority of Goldfish species normally prefer other fish in the tank to swim with as they are normally shoaling

Tropical Fresh Water

Tropical Fish come from the warmer parts of the World and will therefore require a heated aquarium and a different care system to your normal Fresh Water Fish Variety. They have very vibrant colours and their behaviour brings much interest with many avid keepers.

Here at The Pet Corner, we have all of the essential treatments and accessories you need for the up keep of your Aquarium from Start Up to Maintenance and also ornamental accessories that make your Aquarium fun and inviting.


At The Pet Corner you will find a wide range of feeds for your fish, everything from pellets and sticks to high protein feeds and flake that ensure your pond fish are catered for all year round.

We also have treatments available including Start Up treatments for your new pond, maintenance treatments to use throughout the season and specialist care treatments for those times when problems such as Algae Build Up, Parasite Control and Seasonal Starter Packs.

And, for those budding fishermen, we even have a selection of uncooked Hemp Seed for you too where you can help yourself to as much or as little as you like!